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Property Management

As the demand for housing and business premises are growing, Property Management is becoming a vital element of today’s business and economy. JADSOFT Property Management gives you the tools to keep track of properties on your books.

• Leases
• Tenants
• Expenses
• Income 

• Late Payments
• Non Payments
• Profitability per property
o Income received
o Fixed Expenses
o Variable Expenses
• Available properties by country and region
• Property valuations
• End of lease or lease renewal report
• Full statements by tenant 


JADSOFT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - also interfaces with Pastel Partner to automate financial transactions.

JADSOFT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - backed by a support team with 20 years of IT experience!   

JADSOFT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - is affordable and scalable to grow with your business.

Initial start up cost is low and users can be added as the need arises.   

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