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JADSOFT Retail is built on the .net framework and utilizes the strengths of a Microsoft SQL Server relational database. It was designed to be a modular system where new modules can be plugged in to a framework. (Modular Framework) Other vendors or developers can write modules to plug straight in the Module Framework. With this in mind, you can customize your system by adding or removing modules.
This makes it very cost affective for a small operation. Purchase the basic modules and add to it when you need to.

1. Data Maintenance
   1.1. Departments (Multi Level) and Products
   1.2. Tax Codes
   1.3. Users
   1.4. Sales Assistants
   1.5. Employees
   1.6. Stores
   1.7. Tills
   1.8. Printers
   1.9. POS Menus
  1.10. POS Shortcuts
   1.11. Reason codes
2. Store Setup
3. Stock Deliveries
4. Stock Returns
5. Stock Adjustments
6. Barcode printing
7. Stock Take
   7.1. Full
   7.2. Partial
   7.3. Ad Hock
8. Consolidated Reporting
9. Daily trading procedures
   9.1. Start of Day
   9.2. X Readings
   9.3. Cash up
   9.4. End of Day 

• Colours
• Sizes
• Stock Transfers
• Stock book outs
• Job card system
• Purchase Orders
• Promotions
• Stock Allocations
• Sales Orders, Invoicing, Credit Notes and Quotations
• Manufacturing
• Multiple Stores / Warehouses
• Financial Integration 


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