• "Merchandising"
  • "Point of Sale"
  • "Warehousing and Distribution"
  • "Jobcard Processing"
  • "PABX Phone Systems"
  • "Financial Integration"
  • "Consolidated Reporting"

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JADSOFT - Financial Interface

  • Benefits
    • Accuracy Journal entries are created from source transactions that are accurate and free from user input errors
    • Up to Date Journal entries are automated and as a result your accounts are always up to date
    • Improved Productivity As financial entries are automated, productivity improves as financial staff are available to concentrate on financial issues and not data entry.
    • Flexible The interface can be customized to fit almost any business and user requirement

  • Interfaces
    • Cash Sales
    • Account Sales
    • Account Payments
    • Cost of Sales
    • Purchases
    • Bankable Tender Types
    • Non Bankable Tender Types
    • Petty cash In/Out
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Stock Transfers
    • o Other...

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